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At Boost Solutions your business thriving is our priority. So if you decide you need to mimic our skills in-house, we will train you and leave you to it! 


Be sure to check out our online and corporate courses offered on a monthly basis. Your marketing knowledge in many ways is key to your business sinking or floating. 


Relax. We've got you covered! 

Picking the Right Courses

Contact us and we will assess your staff knowledge for free! If you already know what you're looking for, review our existing course offerings below. Our online packages are discounted. Our face to face courses follow Covid-Conscious measures 

- Content Frameworks

- Platform Vs. Content

- Storytelling strategies

- Psychological Triggers

- Performance Analysis

- Promotion Strategies

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- Split Testing Strategies

- Segmentation Tips

- Chatbot Strategies

- Funnel Building

- Data Analysis

- Increase Lead Quality

- Traffic Sources 

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- Campaign Optimization

- Creative Analysis

- Scaling Strategies

- Traffic Sources

- Promotion Strategies 

- Testing Strategies

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- Competition Research

- Competition Monitoring

- Competitor Summaries

- Competitor Analysis Strategies

- Understanding Your Own Strength and Weaknesses


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- Landing Page Blueprint 

- Target Audience

- Understanding the Data

- Behavioral Science

- Split-Testing Strategies

- CRO Hacks

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- Brand Building

- Product Descriptions

- Increasing Customer Retention

- Scaling Globally

- Increase Your AOV

- Get More Sales


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